Subspace Submarine Captain: Galman Wolf

Jan 17, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Commander Wildstar makes a report to Earth, saying the Argo has investigated several planets, but all are uninhabitable. Meanwhile, Galman Eastern Task Force commander Admiral Smeardom summons Commander Lugna von Feral, who is in charge of the "Wolf ... (more)Pack," a fleet of space submarines. Smeardom tells Feral what happened to Dagon and charges him with destroying the Argo. Feral locates the Argo and launches an attack with space torpedoes, but the Argo is unable to locate the Galman ships. From an observation window, Jason sees a periscope. He reports this to Derek, saying he thinks the rest of the ship could be hiding in subspace. Impressed with the cadet's knowledge, Derek reassigns him to the bridge. The Argo warps at the same time the Galman ships enter normal space. Feral orders his ships to again submerge into subspace. Sandor works on a subspace sonar to help locate the Galmans while the Argo damages some of the Galman ships. Feral then launches another attack that injures Derek. 207 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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