Star Force Becomes a Prisoner

Jan 24, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


On board the Argo, Dr. Sane operates on Commander Wildstar to remove shrapnel from his arm. When Derek wakes up, he tries to go to the bridge, but Nova orders him to rest, saying she'll take care of him. Meanwhile, Sandor finishes the subspace sonar ... (more)and installs it on the ship. In space, Feral has two of his ships move into position so they can be detected. The Argo destroys both ships, but the rest of the fleet then lures it to Admiral Smeardom's fortress. With Derek incapacitated, Jason orders an attack, but Smeardom captures the Argo. Upset at the result, Jason visits Derek in the infirmary to apologize. Derek, however, consoles the cadet, telling him not to be discouraged. He then asks Jason to help him to the bridge. Smeardom reports the Argo's capture to Galman Emperor Desslok, but when Desslok hears the Argo's name for the first time, he berates Smeardom for disobeying orders. Desslok radios the Argo and apologizes for Smeardom's actions. He invites the Star Force to visit him at the center of the Galman Empire, not as a prisoner, but as a guest. 207 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Jan 17, 1981

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