Dreadful Bolar Federation

Jan 10, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


As the hijackers take over the Argo's engine room, Jason and Flash discover they are carrying stun rifles and report this to Commander Wildstar. The hijackers demand to be taken to the planet Guardiana and its Queen, who is said to be a legendary spa... (more)ce goddess. Leading a team into the engine room, Derek overpowers the hijackers, turning them over to the Bolars. Bemlayze, the Bolar Prime Minister, arranges for Derek to meet him on Berth. Enroute, Derek discovers the hijackers are being executed. He then learns that Bemlayze had ordered their execution. When Derek says he'll rescue the prisoners, the meeting turns sour, forcing Derek and his crew to fight their way out of the meeting and off the planet. In space, Bemlayze's ships attack the Argo but miss and end up destroying Berth. Derek vows to never forget Bemlayze's cruelty. 227 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Season 3 Episode 12

Jan 02, 1981

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