Stellar Prison Camp

Jan 02, 1981 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


As the Argo approaches a planet, two ships drop out of warp and begin attacking it. Commander Wildstar radios one of the ships, identifying his vessel. The ships immediately cease their attack, saying they are from Berth and had heard of the Argo's h... (more)elping the Legendra. Derek asks for permission to land to make repairs and collect food. While gathering supplies, Nova and Jason see what appears to be a penal colony but are unable to investigate further. The Star Force attends a reception given by Brozof, Berth's governor general. Brozof says Berth is part of the Bolar Federation, which wants to extend an offer of protection to the Earth, although many of the crew are suspicious of Brozof's words. Meanwhile, Jason and Flash go back to look at the prison camp. Suddenly, a group of prisoners breaks out of the prison camp and boards the Argo. The prisoners demand the Argo blast off or they will kill the engine crew. 228 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Season 3 Episode 11

Dec 19, 1980

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