Star Force Faces Danger at Cygnus

Dec 19, 1980 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Near the planet Cygnus, the Argo is caught in a space current containing several space tornadoes, and its port engine is malfunctioning. Engineer Orion suggests that IQ-9 help with diagnosing the problem. The engineers repair the engine, but too late... (more) for the ship to avoid going through the tornadoes. As soon as the Argo emerges from the space current, Galman forces drop out of warp, surrounding the ship. Commander Wildstar orders a counterattack, but the main guns are jammed, while Galman ships disable the fighter launch deck. Derek orders that the main guns be operated manually. To buy some time to complete repairs, Mark takes the Argo behind an asteroid. Dagon contacts the Star Force, demanding unconditional surrender. The Argo responds by firing on the Galman ships, destroying most of them. Dagon has his flagship and one other do a space warp, and the Argo warps in pursuit. Upon leaving warp, the Galman ships catch the Argo in tractor beams and pull it toward a black hole. To escape, the Argo fires the Wave Motion Gun, causing both Galman ships to be pulled into the black hole and destroyed. 283 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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