The Battle of Gamilon

Mar 16, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Trapped between depth charge bombardment and the sulphuric acid seas of Gamilon, the Star Force desperately tries to find a way out. At his command centre, a building suspended from the ceiling of Gamilon's upper shelf, Leader Desslok monitors the ba... (more)ttle's progress. He lashes out at General Krypt's offer to relax and have a drink. On the Argo, out of ideas, Wildstar seeks advice from Captain Avatar who suggests that they actually submerge the ship for 10 minutes in the acid sea, and seek out a volcano to disrupt using the Wave Motion Gun. After a few minor pieces of the ship have fallen off, IQ-9 spots the desired volcano. One hit from the Wave Motion Gun sends Gamilon into seismic upheaval. Desslok momentarily loses his sanity, exploding into a fit of uncontrollable hysteria. The Star Force ascends from the Gamilon sea. Leader Desslok orders the ceiling missiles above the central Gamilon city to be dropped upon the Argo. His aide, General Krypt, wigs out at this suggestion, knowing that it will destroy the city as well, and begs Desslok to end the battle and seek a truce. This earns Krypt a snide comment from the Leader (though in the Japanese version, it's a shot in the chest). Missile fire rains down on the Star Force, and so Wildstar orders the Argo to fly directly above the central city in hopes of discouraging further attacks. But this does not dissuade the Gamilons, and ceiling missiles drop like stones, wrecking the city and causing further volcanic eruptions. Gamilon's tectonic structure becomes unstable, and huge sections of the upper shelf collapse and fall upon the cities below. A shot from the Argo'smain guns strikes Desslok's command centre, which plummets to the ground below. Desslok himself is covered in rubble, but falls through a trap door, his fate uncertain. Gamilon falls still and silent. Wildstar finds Nova weeping on the main gun deck, and declares that he believes that this was their last battle. The Argo, badly damaged, lifts off. As C

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