Dragged to Gamilon

Mar 09, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


As the Star Force enters the Great Magellanic Cloud, the galaxy in which Iscandar resides, they receive a strong radio signal which affects all of the navigation instruments. It turns out to be a transmission from Queen Starsha herself. She congratul... (more)ates the Star Force on its brave journey, and instructs them to follow her guide signal to Iscandar. But, once they enter visual range of Iscandar, the signal is cut off, and navigator Mark Venture makes an even more startling discovery. The video data indicates that there are two planets at Iscandar's location. Radar detects a group of missiles coming from Iscandar. The missiles detonate around the Argo, releasing a magnetic ferrite cloud which hovers around the ship. Analysis reveals that the missile fragments are of Gamilon origin. Wildstar then realises that one of the two planets must be Iscandar, but the other is Gamilon! On Gamilon, Leader Desslok's treasure pool massage is interrupted by a call from Queen Starsha. She chides the Gamilon leader for his unprovoked attack on Earth, but he explains that the Gamilons need to find a new home, and that Earthlings are not a sufficiently civilised race to worry about preserving. A short time later, Desslok addresses the Gamilon senate. He explains the plight of Gamilon, a semi-hollow planet which is volcanically unstable, with seas poisoned with sulphuric acid from the lava. Gamilon can no longer support humanoid life, so a new home is needed -- Earth. Desslok's plan is to use a magnetic ray to drag the ferrite cloud, and the Star Force, to Gamilon, and into the sulphuric acid sea. On the Argo, shock waves are felt as Gamilon's magnetic ray is put to use. As planned, the ship is dragged helplessly into the seas on Gamilon. When the Star Force realises the danger of the sea, they take off, but not before the acid manages to melt the third bridge strut. The entire third bridge falls off and into the sea! The Gamilons then begin dropping depth charges on the Star Force

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