Mar 23, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


After defeating the Gamilons, the Star Force lands at Iscandar, where Queen Starsha welcomes them. At first she mistakes Nova for Astra, her sister, but Wildstar says that Astra didn't survive her trip to Earth. He adds that Earth owes both Astra and... (more) Starsha a great debt for their help. As the Cosmo DNA is loaded onto the Argo, Starsha mentions that she has been taking care of a wounded Earthling who is now ready to travel, and she wants to send him back to Earth. The Earthling turns out to be Derek Wildstar's older brother Alex, and upon seeing his brother actually alive, Derek breaks down and embraces him. Meanwhile, Assistant Engineer Sparks kidnaps Nova and leaves with several others to settle on Iscandar. Trouble is, the island Sparks picks could, according to Starsha, be destroyed any minute. Derek Wildstar tries to reason with Sparks, then warn him of the danger, but Sparks blows off the warning. Immediately after, an earthquake and the resulting tsunami kill everyone on the island except for Nova. As the Argo prepares to depart, Starsha, who wants to remain on Iscandar because it's her home, tells Alex she loves him and runs off. At the last minute, Alex runs to Starsha, asking Derek to forgive him. Derek and Nova wave goodbye to Alex and Starsha, and the Argo blasts off for the return voyage to Earth. Earth has 131 days left.

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Mar 16, 1975

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