Jupiter's Floating Continent

Nov 03, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


On its way through the Solar System, the Star Force falls victim to Jupiter's gravity as the Argo is pulled down toward the planet. The Star Force manages to land the ship on a floating continent hidden in the thick methane sea of the gas giant. Afte... (more)r repairing its energy storage unit, the Star Force crew gets the Argo flying again. Meanwhile, a Gamilon base on the floating content attempts to attack the battleship. The missiles miss the Argo, but serve to alert the Star Force to the base's presence. Avatar orders the Star Force to fire the ship's Wave Motion Gun at the Gamilon base. However, the weapon is so powerful that it wipes out the entire floating continent! Gamilon's commander on Pluto, Col. Ganz, reports on this unexpected development to General Krypt, only to be rebuffed by Krypt who does not believe that Earth possesses the technology to build such a weapon. Earth has 361 days left.

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