Test Warp to Mars

Oct 27, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


After escaping the Ultra-Menace Missile, the Star Force takes off from Earth and passes the Moon orbit. A Gamilon aircraft carrier is dispatched to intercept Earth's newest space battleship. In order to provide time for the Star Force prepare for the... (more)ir first-ever space warp, Wildstar takes a detachment of Black Tiger space fighters out to intercept the Gamilon carrier. Wildstar's efforts provide the needed time, and once the fighters are back onboard, the warp is initiated just as Gamilon missiles nearly reach it. The warp takes the Star Force from the Moon to Mars, however some damage is sustained during the transition. Avatar orders the Argo to land on Mars for repairs, while the crew takes the opportunity to play in a Martian snowstorm. On Gamilon, Leader Desslok praises the Star Force's determination to get to Iscandar even by such dangerous means as warp travel. Earth has 362 days left.

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Oct 20, 1974

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