Nov 10, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


An engine issue resulting from the use of the Wave Motion Gun results in a partial failure of the artificial gravity aboard the Argo. To address the problem, Avatar orders the ship to sail for Titan, where the mineral -- titanite -- needed to repair ... (more)the energy-transmission unit can be found. Two teams are sent out on the surface of Titan, one to collect environmental samples, and the other to obtain the titanite. While the Argo holds orbit over Titan, the Gamilons take the opportunity to scan the battleship, and dispatch a local patrol to the surface of Titan in the hopes of capturing some of the titanite team crew -- Wildstar, Nova, and IQ-9. Wildstar and IQ-9 fend off two Gamilon tanks, and take out the Gamilon patrol team sent to capture them. In the process of doing so, Wildstar discovers his brother's ship, the Paladin, as well as his side-arm. Although initially hopeful that his brother Alex may have survived the crash landing, Wildstar soon accepts that he is dead. Back aboard the Argo, Avatar questions Wildstar as to the find, then informs the younger Wildstar that his brother will live on in him. Earth has 359 days left.

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