Ultra-Menace Missile

Oct 20, 1974 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


To make the journey from Earth to Iscandar, Captain Avatar speaks before the assembled Star Force inductees asking for those willing to make the daring journey to come aboard. In response to his request, a number of volunteers elect to sign on for th... (more)e trip, including cadets Wildstar and Venture; Nova, a nurse and radar operator; Sandor, an engineer and chief mechanic; Dr. Sane, ship's doctor; IQ-9, a robot with a sense of humour; and others. Meanwhile, Colonel Ganz, the Gamilon commander on Pluto, receives permission to test out the new Ultra-Menace Missile against the new Earth battleship. The newly formed Star Force crew manages to shoot down the missile and avoid the devastation left in its wake. With the fate of the Earth dependent on the success of the mission, the newly operational battleship is re-christened Argo, and departs on her first mission. Meanwhile, Wildstar, who harbours a grudge against Captain Avatar for his brother's failure to return safely from the Battle of Pluto, learns a shocking revelation about the Captain's own family life. Earth has 363 days left.

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Oct 13, 1974

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