Yesterday's Hero

Sep 14, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Everyone’s excited about the biopic of Henry’s life being filmed at the Elysian – everyone, that is, except Henry. He’s not interested in who or what he was. He’s interested in who he is now. And in Suzy, who gets dragged into the madness as an extra... (more). But as per usual when Henry’s around, she winds up distracted and the director winds up very, very wet - and very unimpressed. Meanwhile, the kids are on the move. Elvis is off to boarding school in London. Henry has some words of wisdom for him. And Verity wants to spend all her time at Steve’s house. Jennifer is delighted. Especially with her young admirer’s olfactory abilities, which are spookily similar to her own. With the kids away, Henry and Suzy decide to try some sexy dreaming but end up, yet again, in a bizarre place. And they’re not the only ones having bizarre dreams. With Zac preoccupied, enthusiastically ‘consulting’ on the Mallet biopic, Jonquil still dreams of the King in graphic, technicolour detail. When an acolyte whispers The King’s real name to her in a dream and wistfully hints at his dark past, Jonquil wakes up inspired. She’s going to hold a ‘grieving ceremony’ for the living relatives of the King’s victims, and set everyone free. But as per usual when Jonquil has an idea, not everyone jumps on board. Things have a tendency to go ever so slightly awry. But Jonquil’s ceremony is, for once, a great success. The King vanishes and the acolytes are freed. She should be flushed with triumph, but unable to see them move on, she is blissfully unaware. So why is she behaving so … eccentrically? Things aren’t so rosy between Helen and her ghost lover, Robbie. Robbie is convinced that Helen’s inability to see or hear him has driven her into the arms of someone else. His worst nightmare. A living, breathing, corporeal man. Suzy tries to assuage his fears, but he grows more bitter and more convinced of Helen’s infidelity until Helen herself confesses. And

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