I'll Close My Eyes

Sep 21, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


The Elysian is swarming with men in hard hats. They’ve come to investigate the large crack that appeared in the building when Jonquil held her ‘healing ceremony’. Suzy reassures Henry. This is not a supernatural problem. This is a real world problem,... (more) and real men are going to fix it. Jonquil meanwhile, has woken up in the gutter after another all night bender. Zac is alarmed about her new penchant for self-destructive behaviour. Why is his girlfriend suddenly acting so … lasciviously? Back at the Elysian, the men in hard hats have agreed. This building can’t be fixed. On hearing the news, Adam and Juan throw a party and introduce a lawyer who reports he can get top dollar payouts for residents. Everyone is relieved and happy. Everyone except Suzy and Henry. What will happen to Henry if the building goes down? Will he be doomed to haunt a construction site forever? Or will he just crumble into dust with the building? The party spreads. All sorts of folk are turning up, including Jonquil, tethered securely to Zac with handcuffs. Jonquil is freaking Antonia out – did she just look at her? Then Antonia realises why Jonquil’s been acting so strangely - and where the King has gone. He’s possessed her! While Suzy and Henry set about trying to expel The King from Jonquil, the King himself decides he’s bored with this female body. He’s going to possess Steve instead. And while Suzy and Henry frantically switch tactics to figure out how to expel The King from Steve, it’s Verity who comes to the rescue, just as the entire building tilts again. And that’s it. The King’s dead. The party’s over. The emergency crews arrive and everyone has to evacuate. Everyone except Henry, who can’t leave. Suzy is adamant. She’s not going. As she clings desperately to the rapidly disintegrating building, it is Helen who comes up with the solution. Spiriting. She brokers a deal – she will look after Suzy in her ‘fugue’ state, keep her on the st

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Yesterday's Hero
Season 2 Episode 9

Sep 14, 2011