The Real Thing

Sep 07, 2011 on SoHo at 8:30 PM


Zac is delirious with joy. All his dreams have come true because Henry Mallet – the real, living, breathing, 60 year old Henry Mallet – just knocked on his door. He’s not dead! He’s been living incognito in Geneva for the last thirty years, eating ch... (more)eese and breeding schnauzers. Zac may be in seventh heaven, but Suzy is seriously confused. And a little worried – is this the real Henry Mallet, or a fraud? And if this old man is the real Henry Mallet, then who or what is her Henry? The other ghosts are delighted. Ghostworld is alive with theories and chatter and gossip – is Henry just some dude who died at Nerve party in a Henry Mallet costume? Maybe Henry’s soul split in two when he died … but which part is the good part and which is the bad? Even Henry starts to doubt himself. When Jonquil reports that the elderly Mr Mallet seems to have the hots for her, Suzy is despondent. Everything seems to point to this man being real. Perhaps she really is slowly going mad … Meanwhile Steve and Jennifer’s romance blossoms. Jennifer may not be willing or able to have sex with Steve, but now that her saliva glands are fully functioning again, there’s plenty she can do to help him out – including ‘emancipating’ the ghost of his mother. Suzy decides there’s nothing for it – she’s going to prove it’s Old Henry who is the fraud. She and Henry hit on some harebrained schemes – fingerprints! Dental records! Verbal traps! But the man is indestructible. He defeats them at every turn. Then the realisation slowly dawns on them – it doesn’t matter whether Old Henry is real or not. What matters is that they believe in each other ... While Zac is busily befriending Old Henry, Jonquil’s dreams become more and more interesting and more more realistic, until she realises she’s been having wild dream sex with one Darren Bonney – Adelaide mass murderer and cult leader also known as “The King”. But Jonquil is not afraid, she’s

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