Bulbasaur's Mysterious Garden

Jul 02, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Continuing on their way, Ash battles a man with a Rhyhorn. The battle is tough, but Bulbasaur wins. Bulbasaur's bulb then starts flashing. They rush it to a Pokémon Center and discover it is going to evolve. Bulbasaur leaves his bed and is taken by o... (more)ther Bulbasaur to the mysterious garden where the Bulbasaur evolve into Ivysaur. The group manage to get into the garden behind vines and are watching the ceremony. Bulbasaur doesn't want to evolve. The Venusaur leading the ceremony gets mad at Bulbasaur and attacks it. Ash jumps out in front of Bulbasaur to save it and tries to reason with the Venusaur. Team Rocket float in and use a vacuum device to suck up all the Ivysaur and the Venusaur. Bulbasaur saves them and Venusaur agrees to let Bulbasaur evolve when it wants to.

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