Princess vs. Princess

Jul 09, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


It is Princess Day, the day when there are incredible discounts in the malls, and all sorts of events and activities. But, only for girls. Just after having gone shopping and buying a present to get on the boss' good side, Jessie encounters a Lickitu... (more)ng. The Lickitung eats everything Jessie had bought, and so she captures it. When Jessie and Misty hear about a competition where girls can enter to win a set of Pokémon dolls they both get very excited. They have to participate in a Pokémon tournament and Misty and Jessie both win one battle after another, until the final match which Jessie versus Misty. Pikachu beats all of Jessie's Pokémon, except for Lickitung. Lickitung beats Pikachu, then all of Misty's other Pokémon. Just as Misty is about to call Staryu, Psyduck comes out. Lickitung's attacks don't effect Psyduck, but do give it a big headache. Through some psychic attacks, Lickitung loses. Misty becomes the winner of the dolls. Jessie is terribly disappointed, but then James and Meowth bought larger versions of the clothes the dolls wore, and so Jessie was happy again pretending to be the dolls on the stand with James and Meowth.

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