Who gets to keep Togepi?

Jun 25, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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The group stop at a Pokémon Center for a rest and get a message from Professor Oak who wants to talk to them. When they talk, he discusses Muk and offers Ash a Pokédex upgrade. Ash takes the upgrade and they are on their way. Ash and the group wonder... (more) about what could be inside the egg Brock has been taking care of since Ash found it in Grandpa Canyon; just as Team Rocket trick them and get the egg. They find them and fight for it. During the battle, the egg goes flying and Pikachu catches it. Misty takes it just in time to see it hatch. It is Togepi, and they all fight over who should keep it. They have a tournament and Ash wins it, but Togepi wants to go with Misty because a Togepi thinks the first thing it sees is its parent. Togepi first saw Misty and so, Misty gets Togepi.

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