So Near, Yet So Farfetch'd

Jun 18, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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The group stop in the forest where there is a Farfetch'd lurking around. Brock and Ash go to get some water and Misty notices a Farfetch'd. She chases it into the forest where the trainer of the Farfetch'd secretly switches bags. He is a thief who us... (more)es Farfetch'd to distract his victims. Psyduck escapes from him and gets back to Misty. Psyduck then guides them to the guy who stole her Pokémon. They have a battle with the Farfetch'd who surprises its trainer by showing it can battle by defeating Ash's Bulbasaur. Misty battles next with Psyduck. Farfetch'd strikes Psyduck on the head repeatedly until it's headache is bad enough and it uses a disable attack. The boy realizes his wrong and hands the stolen Pokémon over to Officer Jenny. He promises to lead a better life training his Farfetch'd and catching Pokémon rather then stealing them.

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