Goku vs. Sky Dragon

Sep 23, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Goku makes an enduring journey to challenge Master Chin. Chin is busy fending off Rising Dragon and his two men. Before Rising Dragon can begin a fight, his brother Sky Dragon stops him. Chin's agrees to workout with Goku, his son Shoken getting worr... (more)ied. Goku finds Chin has been in weak health lately and learns from him about the King's Tournament. Goku manages to get medicine for Chin, managing to avoid conflict with the Dragon brothers. Sky Dragon spends his time terrifying his students. Goku volunteers to take Chin's place in the King's Tournament. Jealous Shoken spikes Goku's breakfast. At the tournament Goku battles Sky Dragon as the laxative kicks in Goku, but he resists the effect and beats Sky Dragon. The Dragon brothers and students join Chin's teachings and Goku resumes his journey.

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Season 4 Episode 11

Sep 16, 1987

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