Goku Goes to Demon Land

Sep 30, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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In a castle Princess Misa is taken by a demon. Goku reaches the village avoiding the traps. In the castle the king has doubts Goku will succeed but recruits him to face the demon Shula after seeing his fighting skills. At that moment the demons are r... (more)ampaging the village. The king escorts Goku to the portal next day and Goku cannot pull Shula's sword from the door. At the Kame House, Launch is getting agitated with Roshi and Yamcha and Krillin are hard at training. Goku meets the guards Gola and Maylay, who advise caution fighting Shula, who intends to marry Princess Misa. Goku defeats the first demon and shocks everyone with his intention to fight Shula. Goku beats Shula and escapes with Misa, Maylay and Gola helping. Goku pulls out Shula's sword and seals the portal.

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Season 4 Episode 12

Sep 23, 1987

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Oct 07, 1987