Terror and Plague

Sep 16, 1987 on Fuji TV at 12:00 AM

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Goku is travelling when he sees a girl about to be eaten by a tiger-monster.He saves her and she asks him to help her village which is being terrorized by 2 people called Terror and Plague. When they reach the village they see that there is a call go... (more)ing on in which when a person's name is called, and he doesn't reply 'here' he'll be sent inside the gourd(a thing Terror and Plague use to trap people).Goku shows up and challenges them and beats them but they use the gourd and trap him.Goku escapes the gourd with his power pole and takes the gourd, trapping Terror and Plague.They feel sorry and Goku releases them and they now work for the villagers.Goku then travels on towards the wilderness.

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Season 4 Episode 10

Sep 09, 1987

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