Dangerous Games

Oct 23, 2000 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Sean and Leigh are giving a lecture to a bunch of blue haired old ladies in hopes of getting some funding for the training center. A man on fire runs screaming past them. Sam Parks, a good looking daredevil pilot, chases after the man and knocks him ... (more)to the ground, saving him from a firey death. Sean and Leigh are impressed by his bravery even as they are a little wary of his methods. The next day, Sam comes by to invite Leigh and Sean Sean out for drinks. They accept. Sean starts to feel a little hesitant about Sam when, after stopping a drunk from making a pass at Leigh, Sam nearly pum-mels him. Sean realizes that Sam is an adrenaline junkie who is dangerous for her to be around. Leigh, though, is caught up in Sam's glamorous façade and mistakes Sean's concern for jealousy-which might not be too far from the truth as a hurt Sean watches Leigh and Sam walk off into the sunset for a romantic evening together. The next day, Sean presents Leigh with the fact that Sam's license has nearly

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Pat Morita