Stone Cold

Oct 30, 2000 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Maya Morgan is a pretty blonde volley ball player who happens to be a childhood friend of Carrie. Jason is immediately smitten with her and she, apparently, with him. While they are exchanging glances, off on the dock, young hooligans Danny and Mark ... (more)are trying to rip off a car from Skipper, a local fisherman. Danny hops in the car and starts the engine but, unfortunately, catapults it off the edge of the dock. Mark runs to call for help. Sean and Jason come running. They dive into the water, Jason armed with a hammer which he uses to break the rear window of the car and pull Danny to safety. In the process of doing this, Jason gets caught and Sean must dive back and rescue him. Back on shore, Skipper wants to have the kids arrested, but since he has hired them be-fore, it is his word against theirs that the kids were trying to steal the car. Sean takes a liking to Danny, whom he feels he can reform. Leigh, though, knows of Danny's check-ered past and warns Sean against trusting him too

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Season 11 Episode 4

Oct 23, 2000

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Nov 06, 2000

Guest stars

Daisy Fuentes, Liane Mark