Bad Boyz

Oct 16, 2000 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


During a helicopter training session, both Zack and Carrie fail important tests: an athlete recovering from knee surgery ignores warnings from Jason to not go kite boarding. He runs into a wind surfer and goes down, crashing into a buoy. Jason calls ... (more)Leigh in the helicopter for back up. Seeing the man in the water and knowing there is no time to waste, Zack immediately jumps in, even though the helicopter is too high and the dive is dangerous. He manages to get hold of the man. Carrie, for her part, freezes and is unable to jump. Sean is apoplectic that his team should be having such trouble following instructions, but he has bigger problems. Jenna, still smarting from their break up and vowing for revenge, has started showing the training center to two men and a realtor who plan to convert it into a lobster restaurant owing to Sean's non-payment of property taxes. Still, the center is in trouble. Leigh wants to help, but Sean insists he can take care of matters himself. Seeing that Sea

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Season 11 Episode 2

Oct 09, 2000

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