A Knife in the Heart

Oct 09, 2000 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Axel, a young teenager riding a Jet Ski, blows past J.D., Zack and Leigh. J.D. yells at Axel to take it easy. Both Zack and Leigh see that something is disturbing J.D.: he never acts this way. Meanwhile, Kekoa is having one of the most nightmarish ex... (more)periences a lifeguard can have: a grandfather suffers a heart attack. Moments later, Axel wipes out on his jet ski-the jet ski careening towards a young married couple. Kekoa calls for back up, but must contend with the man having the heart attack and Greer, Axel's father, who wants her to rescue his son first. Kekoa finally has to hit him with a rescue can to get him out of her face. J.D. and Zack arrive at the scene of the accident. JD tells Zack to stay with Axel while he tends to the couple. By the time he gets back to Zack, he sees that Zack has disobeyed his orders and has tried to bring Axel in, getting pummeled by the waves and nearly killing both himself and Axel in the process. This only sets off J.D. more. For Sean, the morning h

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