Chicago: Episode 20

Jun 11, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


While the rest of the gang is in Boston visiting haunted houses, including 'Spooky World,' Tonya is in Chicago working on their assignment there. Neither party seems to missing one another very much. However, Kyle feels pangs of guilt for not staying... (more) in contact with Tonya and Chris feels bad that he has been participating in the Tonya bashing. Cara then reveals that the only reason she defends Tonya is because she thinks 'someone has to'. Everyone is tense as they return to the house, not knowing what to expect from the relationship between Tonya and the rest of the gang. When they return, they all come to the realization that they have very little time to get their performances together. When they see the space they are going to be performing in, it's a shock. They expected something like spooky world and instead its just a very 'not-so-spooky' tent. They hanker down, and begin practicing with Cara taking the lead as the director. While all this is going on, tensions rise in the house

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Jun 04, 2002

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