Chicago: Episode 21

Jun 18, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


There are just a few days until the gang begins their Halloween performances for the Chicago parks program. Things seem to be running smoothly except for one thing, Keri hasn't finished her skit, 'Bloody Mary' and Cara and Kyle are giving her grief b... (more)ecause of it. Keri's feeling a little off put because Cara keeps remarking that Kyle is the playwright for the other two skits when they both worked on them. There is also something else going on between Cara and Kyle and the new coupling seems to be adept at keeping Keri on the outside looking in. When it gets down to the wire and Keri's skit isn't where Cara wants it. She asks Keri if they can cut it. Keri, who seems to let things roll off her back with ease, agrees, although she thinks that it is going to have to happen anyway because their job requires them to do three. When Cara explains to Laura, their boss, that she wants to cut the skit, she claims that one of the major reasons is that Tonya is going into surgery. Tonya is unwilling

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