Chicago: Episode 15

Apr 30, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


It's the last day of working with the Summer Parks Programs. Kyle, Keri and Chris are bummed that they are done lifeguarding. Kyle is really going to miss it because he doesn't think that the next job is 'going to afford him a lot of peace.' Its also... (more) the last night with the kids as they present their mural for their parents. Theo is worried that Nelson won't show but he does eventually and even participates in the presentation. The roommates decide to celebrate the end of their jobs with a night out with drinks. Chris isn't interested in celebrating that way and heads home to the chagrin of Kyle. Kyle doesn't know how to deal with someone who's battling alcoholism and is struggling to understand. Kyle asks if he can attend an AA meeting with Chris and Chris is very excited to have the opportunity to share that with him. The meeting proves to be a revelation for Kyle. He tells Chris that 'he was planning on clubbing and getting wasted that night but [he's] glad [he] did this.' The gang

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