Chicago: Episode 14

Apr 23, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


Things seem to be okay with Aneesa and Tonya. They aren't the best of friends by any stretch but they are at least talking and sharing and being nice roommates to one another. Aneesa, however, does seem to be annoying everyone else. She won't do the ... (more)chores when its her turn, taking days and days to wash the dishes. Theo wants to ‘ground' her but Cara decides to just wash the dishes for her instead of confronting Aneesa about it. Kyle asks Cara, 'When am I gonna see you pissed off?' Meanwhile, all isn't well in Walla Walla. Tonya passes a kidney stone and has to return to the hospital. She's scared to go though because she's already in tremendous medical debt and doesn't want to get deeper in. Plus, she's worried she's going to lose her waitressing job. But she's sick and the roommates take her to the hospital so she can get well. They are all very concerned for her. Theo even writes her a note and goes to visit her while she's there. But Aneesa keeps putting off going. She claims she's

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