Chicago: Episode 6

Feb 12, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


After arguing with Kyle on the train, Keri decides she should start dating other people instead of pining for Kyle. She meets and makes a date with Tyler, and surprise, surprise, Kyle is more than a little bit jealous. His not-so-veiled negative rema... (more)rks about the boy aren't lost on the other roommates and are definitely not lost on Keri. Which is fine, because she still really likes Kyle. After the date, she decides that Tyler's a nice guy but that playing the pseudo-dating game with Kyle is more fun. Meanwhile, Theo's finally gotten comfortable in the house…maybe a little too comfortable. He's taken to inviting large groups of people over to party, annoy everyone else, and puke in uncool places. The roommates aren't amused, especially Chris and Aneesa, who call Theo out for his actions. Theo refuses to apologize and says he'll ""be damned if these people come down on [him] like [he's] a kid."" When Tonya returns to Chicago, she gets back in her most familiar position--on the phone. Whil

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