Chicago: Episode 7

Feb 19, 2002 on MTV at 9:00 PM


It's the first official day of work for everyone. Keri, Chris and Kyle are on the beach with their lifeguarding duties while Cara, Tonya, Aneesa and Theo are working with the Chicago Parks program helping to design and paint a mural with a children's... (more) program. Everyone seems happy with their jobs, although Kyle notes that being a lifeguard mostly means having to be a jerk. Kurt comes down to spend a week with Chris. At first, Chris seems a little overwhelmed with the amount of time and attention Kurt wants. Chris is about moving slow and Kurt is about being in a relationship and falling in love. Tonya tells Chris that she would be ""sketched"" if a guy was acting like that towards her. But Tonya is also sketched by the idea of two guys being in love with each other so what does she know about it? While Kurt is in town, there's a Human Rights Campaign Benefit Dinner and Chris and Aneesa encourage all of their roommates to attend. They all decide to go except Theo who feels like he would be

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