Dagon's New Fleet Counter-Attacks

Dec 12, 1980 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Commander Wildstar answers a distress call from Captain Hammer, a stranded meteorologist, who says he spotted a large fleet of Galman vessels and requests an escort to a nearby space station. Derek consults with his staff and offers to escort Hammer ... (more)halfway, but having heard of the Star Force's mission, Hammer refuses the escort, saying the mission is far more important. As Dagon's fleet attacks the space station, Hammer sends a warning message to the Argo advising it to leave the area immediately. Hammer leaves the station in a ship which is attacked, causing him to crash on a nearby planet. Derek sends Flash to investigate. Flash finds Hammer, who again warns him of the danger, then dies. Dagon's fleet attacks the Argo, and a direct hit to the ship's port engine causes the Argo to drift toward the planet Cygnus and a space current. There, it encounters several space tornadoes, any of which could destroy it. 285 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Season 3 Episode 9

Dec 05, 1980

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