S.O.S. Legendra!

Nov 07, 1980 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


When the Argo picks up an unidentified spaceship, Commander Wildstar orders all hands to their battle stations. He makes radio contact with the spaceship, which identifies itself as the Legendra, says it is heavily damaged, and requests time to make ... (more)repairs. After consulting with the Earth Defense Force's commander, Wildstar gives the Legendra 24 hours to make repairs and offers to provide any necessary supplies. He meets with the Legendra's captain, Captain Ram of the planet Berth, who tells him about their war with the Galman Empire. Just then, one fleet of the Galman's Eastern Task Force appears. Sandor recognizes the ships as the same type they fought just before the Argo left Earth. General Dagon, the Galman commander in command of the fleet, demands the Legendra, but Ram negotiates more time with Dagon and completes repairs. Just as Ram leaves the Argo, however, Dagon orders an attack on both ships. Wildstar launches a counterattack, plunging the Argo into the middle of the war. 326 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Oct 31, 1980

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