Great Battle Near Planet Brumus

Nov 14, 1980 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Dagon continues his attack on the Argo and the Legendra near Planet Brumus. The Cosmo Tigers destroy several Galman ships, and Dagon ramps up the attack. Ram sends one final message thanking the Argo for its help before the Legendra is destroyed. Com... (more)mander Wildstar orders the Cosmo Tigers back before continuing the counterattack on the Galman fleet. Dagon orders his flagship and two others to warp while the remaining ships continue to engage the Argo. One ship crashes into the Argo, inflicting heavy damage. A Galman boarding party engages the Argo's KP crew, mortally wounding Jason's supervisor. Jason grabs several weapons and helps hold off the boarding party. Wildstar leads a team to help, and Jason kills his first combatant -- a Galman robot. The Argo pulls free from the Galman ship before the latter explodes. On the Argo's main deck, Wildstar offers a space burial to those who died in the attack, including Jason's supervisor and several non-robotic Galmanians. 325 days remain before the sun destroys Earth.

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Nov 07, 1980

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