The Journey Home

Mar 30, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


Having obtained the Cosmo DNA from Queen Starsha, the Argo begins the return trip to Earth. The trip is mostly uneventful, but when the Argo initiates one final space warp to bring it into the Earth's solar system, it narrowly misses a shot from the ... (more)Desslok Cannon, a weapon similar to the Argo's Wave Motion Gun. Desslok orders an immediate warp to follow the Argo, but without time to calibrate, both ships collide. Desslok releases a radioactive sleeping gas, then leads a boarding party onto the Argo. Derek Wildstar leads a team to confront Desslok and finally meets the Gamilon leader face to face, but is partly subdued by the gas. Meanwhile, Nova, with Sandor's help, activates the Cosmo DNA to neutralize the gas, but the gas overcomes her and she collapses, comatose. Desslok retreats but promises Wildstar they will see each other again. His ship warps away before the Argo can fire. When Wildstar asks Sandor what cleared the gas so quickly, Sandor tells him what happened to Nova. When Nova doesn't wake up, however, Wildstar becomes despondent and goes to Captain Avatar for advice. Avatar consoles him, commending Nova's bravery and emphasizing the importance of hope. He then shakes Wildstar's hand one last time. As the Earth comes into view, Wildstar carries a still-unconscious Nova to the bridge. Just then, Desslok fires his cannon at the Argo. With the Argo unable to escape the shot, Sandor activates his latest invention -- a reflector force field based on the Gamilons' Reflex Gun -- which sends the energy from the cannon back to Desslok's ship. Desslok's flagship is destroyed, and his face disappears, engulfed in flames. In his cabin, Captain Avatar holds an old photograph of his wife and son as he views Earth with his own eyes. Seeing it, he is satisfied, and dies. As Dr. Sane comes down to the main bridge to deliver the news, Nova begins to stir, and Wildstar takes her in his arms and dances with her on the bridge. The Star Force returns to Earth in the ye

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