Communication Satellite

Feb 09, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


While the Star Force is still on its way to planet Balan, Communications Officer Homer visits the Holography Room to view images of his home town, but has an emotional breakdown, declaring, "It's all a lie!" Shortly thereafter, the bridge crew sees C... (more)aptain Avatar communicate with the Earth Defense Command. The Earth Defense Command says that conditions on Earth are tough, but that they are getting by. Once the transmission ends, however, Homer blurts out that they are all being deceived, saying that the Star Force has no idea where they are going. He then collapses and is whisked away to the infirmary. Venture says that Homer's actions may have been puzzling, but his concern is a valid one that is on everyone's minds. Captain Avatar replies that even though there is no guarantee of mission success, the Star Force is Earth's only hope of survival, and they owe it to Earth to believe in their mission. On Balan, General Lysis muses on the effectiveness of the communications relay satellite which he has planted to enable the Star Force to talk to Earth. The plan is to weaken the Star Force by allowing bad news from Earth to destroy their morale. Back on the Argo, Wildstar discovers Homer secretly making a call to Earth, during which Homer learned his father was very sick. Upset and homesick, Homer bolts, finds a space suit, and jumps out an airlock intent on floating back to Earth. What he floats to is, instead, the Gamilon relay satellite. His depression and delusion melt away as he realizes the danger this presents. Before long, Wildstar, leading a search party, locates Homer and rescues him. Wildstar hands Homer the firing controls and lets him blow the satellite to bits. Earth has 255 days left.

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