Magnetron Wave

Feb 02, 1975 on Syndicated at 12:00 AM


The Star Force encounters an unmanned Gamilon fortress floating in space, which moves toward them. Sandor takes a plane to investigate, but the magnetron waves the fortress is emitting shake it to pieces. Realizing this is what could also happen to t... (more)he Argo, Sandor and Wildstar approach the fortress with a special plane unaffected by the waves. Once inside, Sandor tells Derek about his brother Alex. Sandor and Alex were good friends at the academy, and Sandor admits he felt responsible for Alex's death because he was in charge of maintaining Alex's ship. When a robot nearly surprises the two, Sandor says that as a child, he discovered the consequences of acting foolishly when he got into an accident on an amusement park ride. Meanwhile, the Argo, suffering damage from the magnetron waves, prepares for a space warp which will take it out of danger, but leave Sandor and Wildstar behind. When Sandor and Wildstar reach the central computer, it injures Wildstar and captures Sandor. Sandor then tells Wildstar his arms and legs are bionic -- a result of the accident -- and can be removed. When they get to the entrance, Sandor says his bionic arms and legs are also bombs, but he can't trigger them any further than the entrance. Sandor orders Wildstar to get to a safe distance, then detonates the bombs, destroying the computer and stopping the magnetron waves. The Argo cancels the warp and Wildstar heads back to find Sandor. On Balan, General Lysis clenches a Gamilon cigar in his mouth, which Vulgar is unable to light. He chides Vulgar for the uselessness of his lighter and his space fortress. Back on the Argo, Sandor, sporting new arms and legs, greets Wildstar. Derek says that Sandor's resilience gives him hope that Alex is still alive. Sandor says that if so, it will mean just as much to him as it does to Derek. Earth has 260 days left.

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