Jun 13, 2015 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


Izana's squad fight for their lives against the Gauna while on Sidonia Tsumugi and Nagate request for permission to rescue them. Nagate is entrusted with a new prototype Guardian the "Tsugumori Mark III". Meanwhile Izana and a pilot with callsign 064... (more) enter the atmosphere of Lem IX using one of the Hayakaze's pieces as a heat shield while being pursued by the Gauna. Izana realizes that the Gauna are attracted to the artificial Kabi and Higs particles. After ejecting here power core the are no longer pursued, but powerless adrift in the Lem IX atmosphere. The rescue party consisting of Nagate and Tsumugi easily take out all encountered Lem IX enemy opposition until they encounter a Benisuzume-type Gauna. Tsumugi decides to confront the Benisuzume alone, so Nagate can keep searching for Izana.

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