Random Encounter

Jun 20, 2015 on Mainichi Broadcasting System at 12:00 AM


Nagate is looking for Izana who encounters some "ground" based Gauna. Nagate manages to save her just in time, but he now has to stand of against multiple attacking Gauna. He soon runs out of ammunition, but the Mark III has some special swords equip... (more)ped, which uses to their fullest capability. The battle between Tsumugi and Benisuzume almost proves that Tsumugi is the better hybrid, but a moment of hesitation on Tsumugis side turns the favor to Benisuzume. It is Nagate who has to safe Tsumugi from total destruction, but Benisuzume quickly figures out the design flaw in the Mark III. Fighting blind without his systems and with placenta entering his cockpit Nagate is going to encounter a new horror........

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Jun 13, 2015

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