Aircraft Carrier

Apr 22, 2014 on H2 at 10:00 PM


Stunning CGI animation explodes open the world's biggest aircraft carrier–the USS Ronald Reagan– to reveal the extraordinary technology it uses to command the oceans and defend the United States. In the Pacific Ocean, the USS Ronald Reagan is setting... (more) out on deployment. In the next 12 hours, her captain must launch and land 40 pilots so they can qualify for carrier operations. Exploring the engineering breakthroughs within this 100,000-ton colossus will reveal surprising secrets of how the technology evolved, inspired by extraordinary lessons from nature and history: What connects a spider's web with a landing aircraft? How did a Leonardo da Vinci sketch inspire the carrier's launch system? And how does a 19th century French lighthouse save pilot's lives? As day turns to night, the landing operation becomes fraught with danger. The smallest mistake from pilot or crew could kill someone. Can Captain Bolt get all his aircraft safely back on board?

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