Superjumbo Jet

Apr 29, 2014 on H2 at 10:00 PM


This episode explodes open the world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, to reveal the incredible technology that pushes 600 tons of aircraft nearly 6,000 miles in just ten hours. The A380 is packed with technology to allow it to carry more p... (more)assengers, in more comfort and with greater fuel efficiency than any jet in its class. How do the A380's shape-shifting wings mimic a bald eagle's flexible feathers? How have the fan-blades inside the A380's super-powered jet engines evolved from the slashing Samurai sword? How did a 3,000-year-old warrior's tunic develop into the ultra-tough yet millimeter-thin skin of this massive aircraft? With 300,000 pounds of thrust and the world's most advanced airplane wings at his disposal, every minute counts as Captain Godel streams through the skies at a speed of 600 miles an hour. Can the Super Jumbo's hidden innovations make up a two-hour delay and allow 300 passengers to catch their connecting flights?

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