A Diamond in the Rough!

Jun 09, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


A visit to a friend confronts our heroes with a most unusual group of challenges! Our heroes are visiting the wetland where Ash’s friend Goodra now lives when they run into a group of Carbink with a problem—one of their Carbink friends is playing a ... (more)trick on them, hiding and refusing to come out! Everyone joins the search, but the Carbink are lured into a trap and used as part of a Team Rocket robot! Feeling bad about the trouble it’s caused, the mischievous Carbink teams up with Goodra to free its friends and send the villains blasting off again. Meanwhile, Alain has just defeated Gym Leader Korrina for his eighth badge, and he hopes to face a particular opponent at the Kalos League…

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A Real Icebreaker!
Season 17 Episode 29

Jun 02, 2016

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