A Real Icebreaker!

Jun 02, 2016 on TV Tokyo at 6:45 PM


After a breakthrough, Ash is back at the Snowbelle City Gym for a rematch with Wulfric—and this time, things are quite different! Wulfric challenges Ash to show him a fiery battle, and Ash certainly delivers, as his Pikachu and Talonflame take down t... (more)he Gym Leader’s Bergmite and Avalugg before the exciting final face-off. It’s Greninja versus Abomasnow…and then it’s Ash-Greninja versus Mega Abomasnow, as Wulfric reveals an unexpected Key Stone! Even in the face of such a challenge, Ash-Greninja rises to the occasion, and Ash wins his final Gym badge and qualifies for the Kalos League!

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Season 17 Episode 28

May 26, 2016

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