Faced With Steelix Determination

Mar 13, 2007 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Team Rocket are planning their next pitfall trap, and like usual, they get themselves into trouble. While digging, their shovels suddenly get stuck in the ground. When they try to pull them out, a Steelix pops out of the ground, with the shovels stuc... (more)k in its head! The Steelix grows angry and begins to chase them. Meanwhile, Ash and the others discover an injured Bidoof. After healing it of its injuries, they decide to help it back to its village. However, Soon Team Rocket and the rampaging Steelix come by, forcing them to run to the Bidoof�s village. Lucky for them, the Bidoof village is surrounded by a huge rock wall, but Steelix will be able to break through soon. Now Ash and the others must figure out how to stop Steelix before he destroys the Bidoof village.

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