Borrowing on Bad Faith!

Mar 08, 2007 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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On the way to Floaroma Town, Dawn finds out that a unofficial Pokemon contest is being held nearby, and Dawn wants to enter it for some practice. Ash's Aipom then steals his hat and runs off. Aipom accidentally ends up on a cliff, and is about to fal... (more)l off when Team Rocket passes by. Jessie saves Aipom, and when Ash and the others arrive, she demands that she wants to use Aipom in the Pokemon contest as a reward for saving it. Ash reluctantly agrees, but soon regrets it when he thinks Aipom likes Jessie more then him. With the contest beginning, Dawn is entering her Pachirisu and Jessie will still enter with Aipom, but will Ash be okay with the result?

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