Once in a Mawile

Dec 02, 2004 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Ash and friends are now enjoying another of Brock's famous picnics in the forest of Izabe Island. Ash and Brock decide to have a battle for practice. Brock sends out Lombre while Ash releases Torkoal. A little later in the battle, Torkoal uses Overhe... (more)at and sends Lombre blasting away. A girl named Samantha and her Mawile find it. Mawile falls in love with Lombre. Lombre doesn't seem too interested in Mawile. Brock tells it to return the love because when two Pokémon are in love, their trainers could possibly fall in love. It does no such thing. Samantha says that she and Mawile are ribbon performers and that they are on their way to a performance. They give everyone a sneak preview of the show. Later that night, Team Rocket interrupts the real performance. They steal Mawile so Ash, Pikachu, Lombre, May, Max and Samantha go to get it back while Brock and Corphish stall the audience. After getting Mawile back, Lombre rummages through Samantha's bag backstage and finds a Water Stone and evolves into Ludicolo. Ludicolo goes and joins Samantha and Mawile on stage and the crowd loves it. Mawile seems frightened by Ludicolo but Ludicolo is finally in love with Mawile. Instead, Mawile runs after a Psyduck after the show once again in love and leaving Ludicolo and Brock heartbroken.

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Nov 25, 2004

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Tara Sands