Claydol Big and Tall

Nov 25, 2004 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM

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Ash and friends are now in the mountains of Izabe Island. An old man named Sigourney tells them the legend of the giant Claydol and how it was sealed away in a giant Pokéball. Team Rocket overhears the story and they decide to steal it. This is easie... (more)r said than done. A normal-sized Claydol would fit inside one of the big red eyes of the giant one. They drop bombs upon the Pokéball which is resting in a lake. The Claydol comes out and blasts Team Rocket off again. Because they were directly above it, they come back down right on top of it.The Claydol then sets ff for the town it almost destroyed the last time it was released. Brock releases Lombre and Mudkip and they try a Water Gun but Claydol uses Rapid Spin to deflect it. The deflected Water Gun hits a cliff and makes a hole. Team Rocket teams up with Ash and the others in order to get Claydol back in its Pokéball. The old man explains that the Claydol's favorite food is eggplant. Ash and James try to give it some eggplant but it ignores them. They dress up in eggplant costumes but this only ticks Claydol off. It turns out that Claydol's LEAST favorite food is eggplant and it tries to squash Ash and James. The old man explains that the last time Claydol was out, a beautiful maiden subdued it so May, Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet dress up as maidens but Claydol ignores them too. May then gets in a nurse costume and Jessie, Meowth and Wobbuffet try ballerina, cherrleader and maid costumes respectively. The Claydol falls for Wobbuffet in its maid costume and they lead it away from the town. The original giant Pokéball was destroyed when Team Rocket blew a hole in it so they put Claydol in another giant Pokéball from the top of the mountain.

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