Tracey Gets Bugged

May 20, 1999 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


They land on another island known for all the bug Pokémon you can catch. Misty is afraid to go because of her fear of bugs. Anyway, they all go and search for bugs, eventually discovering an injured Scyther in the woods, they try to catch it, but it'... (more)s reluctant to go anywhere, Tracey has Venonat put it to sleep so then they catch it and take it to Nurse Joy. It is upset to be taken away to be nursed, it's spirit destroyed having lost leadership of it's group to another Scyther. Meanwhile, Team Rocket schemes to catch the entire group of Scyther, first blasting them with glue so they can't move, then a net to trap them. This is revenge from Jessie for them having cut off her hair. Scyther rushes off to help his trapped friends, and Ash's group follows originally believing Scyther was just going to battle the leader again for the group. When they arrive, Scyther cuts the group free, except they are still stuck in the glue. Scyther beats all of Team Rocket's Pokémon with the help of one of the other Scyther. They all go to wash off in a small pond and Tracey having previously caught Scyther calls it back. He attempts Ash's pose for catching a Pokémon, but Ash corrects him on it, and shows him how to do it correctly.

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