Make Room for Gloom

Oct 15, 1998 on TV Tokyo at 12:00 AM


Back at home, Ash is anxious to leave for a garden so that he does not have to worry about all the chores that his mom makes him do in the garden. When they get there, they are scared because they think that the garden hose a man is holding toward th... (more)em is a flamethrower. Bulbasaur starts sniffing around in the garden, but then sniffs a particular plant which knocks him out. Ash leans forward to take a sniff but a girl named Florinda warns him not to. She tells them about the plant, and that it paralyzes anyone who smells it. Bulbasaur is cured by a few drops from Gloom, and Florinda tells the group about how hard she tried to train Gloom. She shows them the Leaf stone she used to try to evolve Gloom, but it failed. Professor Oak suddenly appears on the scene to state that the stone was a fake. She identifies the people who sold the stone to her and the rest quickly realize it is Team Rocket. Team Rocket were snooping around the garden trying to steal some plants, but get caught. Ash and the group try to stop them but Meowth has mixed up a paralyzing ball that he throws at them, and they fall to the ground. They ask Florinda to use Gloom to stop them, but she is sure Gloom cannot. They eventually convince her, and so she gives it a try. Gloom turns out to be a lot more powerful than the others thought. Florinda did not think Solar Beam was a big deal. The garden is saved. Brock hears Florinda asking if he can stay and help with the garden. Of course he agrees, but only to find out he was imagining it. She then asks the other guy in the garden the same thing. He agrees, leaving poor Brock feeling he could never love again. All three leave the garden and they continue onward.

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